How Much Do Copywriters Earn?

It isn’t easy to make a living from writing. Even though the demand for writers, especially for web content creators is greater than ever before, the majority of them aren’t making any sizable earnings. This, however, doesn’t count for copywriters who are reported to earn six figure incomes. But do they really? And what is even more important, can you earn a six figure income too?

Not All Copywriters are Rich

So is it true that copywriters earn six figure incomes? Yes, it is true. It is them who come up with the text that captures the attention and makes people buy particular products/services. And businesses know that. For that reason they are willing to pay copywriters good money - often just a fraction of what the copywriter(s) will earn them by doing a good job. However, it is also true that not all copywriters are rich and much less earning a six figure income. Their earnings depend greatly on the following factors:

  • Time and effort put into writing copies. Obviously, those who work harder for longer hours can expect better earnings than those who only work part-time. It’s simple mathematics but only under condition that working longer and harder means more work done. Just because you invest a lot of time into a project that doesn’t automatically translate into higher earnings. If you work fast without sacrificing quality, you can earn a lot in a very short period of time. In fact, there are many copywriters who are earning a decent money despite the fact that they work only part-time.

  • Experience/reputation. Beginners can write “killer” copies but they won’t earn as much as their experienced colleagues who already built a reputation for quality. This is because most companies/businesses prefer to work with copywriters with experience, references and proven results. And this is especially true for big companies with big budgets for copywriting.

  • Results. Time will show the true value of your copies. If the products/services are selling well or beyond expectations, your earnings will definitely increase. But if the target audience’s response was unsatisfactory, don’t expect higher earnings until you improve your skills and deliver better results.

Useful Advice

If you’re going into copywriting just for the money, you will probably be disappointed. The most successful and the highest paid copywriters love what they do, enjoy overcoming the challenges of the profession and constantly work on improving their copywriting skills.