Freelance Copywriting - Pros, Cons and Considerations

Copywriters often work within an advertising agency, magazines, marketing firms, etc. for a salary but the majority work as freelancers or independent contractors both full-time and part-time. Freelancing has its advantages over the traditional forms of employment but it also has a few disadvantages which should be considered as well before “going on your own”. Listed below are both pros and cons of freelance copywriting to help you decide whether freelancing is or isn’t an option for you.

  • Hanging in the air. Freelancing probably isn’t the best form of work for you if you are having difficulties living with more or less a constant feeling of insecurity. If you’re good, you don’t have to worry about work - the best copywriters are often forced to turn clients away. Unfortunately, there are also copywriters who are struggling to find clients. And if the “dry season” persists, it doesn’t only cause a lot of stress but it can also lead to serious financial problems.

  • Higher earnings. Believe it or not but many freelance copywriters are making six figure earnings. If you’re good, you will be paid well by an agency as well but remember that the biggest piece of the pie always goes to the agency. Little risk, little reward.

  • Chronically lacking time. The majority of freelance copywriters work from home. They don’t have to get up early in the morning and they can work in their pyjamas all day if they feel like it. However, if self-discipline and organisation aren’t your strongest points, you can face serious difficulties finding the time for your personal life. If you like to sleep late, you have to work late and before you know it, it’s already evening. Also, when you are working as a freelancer, you aren’t only working as a copywriter but also as a project manager, an account, secretary, etc.

  • More freedom. Freelancers have deadlines to meet and formalities complete as well but in comparison to the traditional workers, they have incomparably more freedom when it comes to both the schedule and the actual work. And those that know/learn to optimise their work time live a very calm, relaxed and fulfilling life.

  • More excitement, better advancement opportunities and ongoing professional growth. Not that working within an organisation isn’t exciting but it cannot compare with the feeling when getting an important client. And for copywriters who are really good, there are much better advancement opportunities than within an organisation which also gives you motivation to continue to work on improving your skills and get better and better in what you do.