Full-Time vs Part-Time Copywriting

There is a reason why copywriters are paid so well in comparison to content writers and even journalists. Copywriting is hard work and requires a total commitment. However, there are also many copywriters who are working part-time and make quite a sum as well. So should you quit your job and dedicate yourself completely to copywriting or is it a better idea to start as a part-time copywriter and see where it will take you? It’s something you will have to decide yourself. But before making the final decision, it may help to consider:

How many/if any clients do you have?

Before making any radical decisions, you should first find clients. It may be true that copywriters are high in demand but finding a well-paid job/project is everything but easy. If you don’t have any clients yet or if you are still able to manage your copywriting projects in the afternoon/evening hours, there is no need to make any major changes in your life just yet.

Do you have any experience with copywriting?

As mentioned earlier, copywriting is hard work. Also, there is no guarantee that you will hit it big one day. So ask yourself, are you willing to take the chance, not knowing whether you will succeed? What is even more important, are you sure that copywriting is the right career for you? If you answered yes to both questions, that’s great. But if you have never worked as a copywriter before, you should first try it out part-time to see whether it is really what you want to do and whether you’re good at it.

How confident are you in your copywriting skills?

It may be true that you don’t need any formal education or qualifications to become a copywriter. However, you need certain skills and knowledge which can be acquired through experience or/and by learning them at copywriting courses/seminars. If you aren’t 100% sure in your copywriting skills, you are recommended to sign up for a course or seminar and take some time to learn the fundamentals.

What’s your financial situation?

More specifically, can you afford to give it a try and what happens, happens? Remember that everyone doesn’t succeed.

What’s your long-term goal?

Think about what you want to achieve. Do you see yourself as a copywriter five years from now? Ten years? The answer to this question will also tell you whether you should currently be writing copies full- or part-time.